How To Meet Cuban Women – Where To Meet Cuban Women Who Speak English

Meet Cuban Women

So, while on wonderful international trip through Cuba, have taken the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful Cuban females, here came up with an interesting idea to make this international dating advice useful and yet again de-myth these simple Cuban women stereotypes. Always stick with and you’ll uncover the best tips for meeting and even seducing a Cuban lady and how to meet Cuban women. Read on and be enchanted…

To meet Cuban women, you need to know the correct pronunciations of some simple words like Havana, mala or nova. A havana in Spanish means “moon”, while a mala in Spanish means “mound”. Novares are usually easy to say, but you need to get the right ones in order to properly mingle with the locals in Cuba. Just remember not to overdo it with the accents, or the natives may not take you seriously and instead think you’re just another tourist trying to sell them a sugar cube or something.

The typical Cuban girl has dark curly hair. This is one of the easiest ways to determine if a Cuban female is a havana. You’ll easily spot a havana on the streets or in the clubs, because they always wear a long black dress with high-heeled sandals. And you’ll see that their clothes are all about Cuban colors – mostly green, red and yellow. If you want to learn some Cuban speech, then you’ll recognize a Havana girl by her characteristic accent – she’ll intuit you right away.

Meet Cuban Girls

But don’t let an accent fool you. It is not uncommon to meet Cubans who speak English as a first language. In fact, a lot of Americans and Canadians have immigrated to the Dominican Republic, where the majority population speaks English. So if you ask someone how to meet Cuban women, the response is likely to be in English, whether they know Spanish or not.

One of the best ways of meeting Cuban women is through a dating site. There are dozens of sites that offer services specifically for Cuban singles, and most of them have a special section dedicated to Cubans. A lot of them also feature video profiles of gorgeous, attractive Cubans, complete with subtitles so you can get a better idea of their speech patterns and intonations.

Another good way to meet Cuban women is through the woman who already knows you. If you have a significant other living in Cuba (or you happen to know one who does), this is a surefire way of landing that perfect date. The two of you might not hit it off immediately on the first meeting but trust me, you’ll find yourself getting to know each other’s personality pretty quickly. You may find yourselves hitting it off so well that you decide to seriously consider getting into a serious relationship with one of the Cuban women you met online. Remember, all it takes is a little effort on your part to meet the woman who could be your next wife.

Meet Cuban Women Online

Some men forget — or don’t care — that Cuban girls come in all different shapes and sizes. While there isn’t necessarily any “one size fits all” when it comes to dating them, you can make use of the advice found at length on my website to find out what Cuban women prefer in a man. Some are huge dose, while others are petite. And there are some gigantic, burly Cuban women and some petite ones as well.

In order to get the best of Cuban girls, I always recommend that you stick with the girls who are within your ideal weight range for height. If you happen to be, say, 5′ 10″, you won’t look that imposing with a dressy-but-not-too-formal dress. On the other hand, if you happen to be, say, 5′ 4″, you will look much more attractive wearing something that’s a bit more stylish and a bit more hip. And of course, don’t forget that size doesn’t matter at all when it comes to dating Cuban girls. What matters most is the way you carry yourself and how you look. And you can do that regardless of what size you are!

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